Christmas Trees

We offer bespoke Christmas Tree installations for residential and commercial properties.

Please contact us for more details for a bespoke quote and to book your installation.

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We offer Christmas Tree installations around West Sussex. Supplying locally-sourced BCTGA trees. We can provide Christmas trees from 4ft - 18ft. Please get in touch for your bespoke Christmas tree installation.​

Using our  styling experience we offer not only installation but decoration too. We can either decorate using the clients own decorations or purchase the decorations based on style, colours or your own bespoke theme.


We work with local florists on wreaths, garland and other Christmas home decorations 


Our decoration service cover residential and commercial properties, inside and outside and includes lighting if required.

Frequently asked questions

What size trees do you supply?

We can supply generally any size up to 20ft. A standard residential internal Christmas tree is around 6 or 7ft.

What are the different types of trees?

Generally we use Norway Spruces for external trees, these are a more traditional Christmas tree, the 'spikey' variety. When they are outside at height for up to 6 weeks they don't tend to shed their needles. We'd recommend a Nordman Fir for internal trees, these are 'non-drop' variety, and have a softer/fluffier texture.

How should I care for my internal tree?

Christmas trees are living plants so show it some love, treat it like fresh cut flower:
• Cut 1-2 inches off the bottom to allow it to soak up water.
• Position it carefully in to keep it stable and straight.
• Fill the stand up with water. Over the first few days it will drink lots, so keep it topped up.
• After a few days or so the water consumption will slow down. We recommend checking it every 3-4 days, keeping it topped up.
• Keeping your tree watered will ensure it remains fresh smelling and the needles will be less likely to drop as quickly. It should last around 5-6 weeks if looked after well. Do not let it dry out!
• Ensure your tree is in the coolest place possible. It will likely die quicker near an open fire, radiator or other heat source.

What length lights should I use?

This depends on the look you are going for, we love the look of lots of fairy lights, as if they are entwinned in the tree, rather than rings sat on the branches which you can see very clearly. We would recommend 200-bulb for a small tree, anything up to 5ft, 360-bulb for 6-7ft and 480-bulb for 8ft, and adding on more sets if you have a larger tree. You can of course add more than 1 set if you love lights more than we do and you can also get connectable lights, which come in shorter sections such as 5m, which plug into another set, and eventually a power source. Lights come in different lengths, depending on the spacing between the bulbs, and space to the power source, however these are our recommendations based on experience with our lights.

Which type of stand should I use?

We would recommend a water holding stand. As you will read in our interal tree care instructions, Christmas trees should be treated like fresh cut flowers and need to be watered regularly to last the period of Christmas. Cinco stands are the stands we use, there are different sizes for varying trees. We'd recommend: • Cinco 6 is for up to 6ft • Cinco 8 for up to 9ft • Cinco 10 for anything over 9ft. Our Christmas trees are products of nature, therefore one 7ft tree may be less full and a smaller trunk than another.

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