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Styling Terms and Conditions

Please note:

Many of the items we supply to you (especially table runners, blankets etc) will go mouldy or perish in inclement weather (rain, dew, frost etc).

It is your responsibility to ensure they are not damaged, nor packed away damp or ‘scrunched’ up, whilst in your possession. Please roll up table runners and  blankets when packing away.

Please do NOT leave them outside in inclement weather (exceptions include barrels, benches, coconut shy etc).


You will be charged for damages, repair or replacement if any items are returned to us in an unusable condition.


We will retain a signed copy of this page as confirmation of your agreement to our Terms and Conditions.


Once you have enjoyed your ‘Beautiful Day’, we would really appreciate if you could leave us a review on Google. And if you agree, please leave your photographer’s details so we can get in contact with him/her to add your photos to our portfolio.

How to book

Once you have accepted our quote, it will be converted into an invoice detailing the Payment Terms & Conditions. A 25% non-refundable deposit is required on acceptance, with the balance to be paid at least 6 weeks before the event date. You may pay the full balance up front, or payment by instalments can be arranged. We accept cheque, BACS transfer or cash payments only. We can take online card payment, however there is a 2% charge.


Damage Deposit

Hire deposits will be determined on final confirmation of your order. Typically, orders under £150 will require a 30% damage deposit. Hire orders over £150 may require a £100 damage deposit. Some items are rare and will attract a higher damage deposit, which will be advised in the quote. The damage deposit amount will be a portion of the full replacement cost of the quote. If an item needs replacing the hirer will be sent a full invoice after return and inspection of the items. By accepting the quote, you agree to the hire Terms and Conditions, and agree to pay for any damaged/lost etc items. If all hired items are returned in the condition they were supplied, your deposit will be returned (please see Damaged/broken/lost/dirty items below for more details). On return of items, after inspection and assessment, if any costs or charges apply, a further invoice will be sent, which is payable on receipt. Please allow up to ten days for return of any damage deposit. We will need your bank details to return the deposit. Photos will be taken where applicable.

Additional items or removing items from the order

If you’d like to book additional items, they will be added to your ongoing quote/invoice. If you’d like to remove items, you may be liable to a delivery charge if your order falls below the minimum order and delivery terms. If you reduce your order within 3 weeks of the event date, cancellation charges may apply.



If you cancel your order, the following charges will apply: 25% non-refundable deposit will be retained; if cancellation is within 2 weeks of the event date, the full amount will be retained. If you reduce your order less than 2 weeks before the event date, the full amount will be retained and a delivery charge applied, if applicable.


Delivery charges and collection

Orders are subject to a delivery charge upon quotation and booking. We do not typically offer collection, unless pre-arranged.


Hire terms - set-up and take-down

Prices are applied an ‘event duration’ basis, including set-up and take-down. If items are required for a longer period of time, pricing may be higher.


All items are for hire only, unless stipulated otherwise. All items belong to 'The Beautiful Day'. You must not sell, offer to sell, or dispose of any goods without our express permission. Any items missing will incur a charge.

For a Saturday wedding, we usually deliver and set up items on Thursday/Friday and collect on Sunday/Monday. If your venue requires set-up or take-down on Saturday or Sunday, or during unsociable hours, extra costs may be incurred.

Delivery and collection by the customer can be arranged, but care must be taken to ensure items are not damaged in transit. Damage in transit may incur damage costs. If delivery, set-up or take-down have not been agreed in advance, we assume you will be collecting and returning your hire items, for which times will need to be agreed.


Delivery and collection times can be amended up to one week before the event date – please allow maximum flexibility. If items are not returned within 5 days of the event, lost item charges may be incurred. Items which are not returned, may be due out after your event, therefore may result in an additional charge for replacement of the item, if not returned as soon as possible following your event.


We will set up hire items such as garden games, garden furniture and bars etc. We do not setup other items, such as table linen, table decorations or external company items etc, unless previously agreed and quoted for, if required. Whenever possible, we will specify whether items are ‘hire only’ or ‘set-up’ on the delivery note.


Any discrepancies must be reported within 24 hours of delivery. Any discrepancies advised after this time will not be eligible for refund or replacement. If any items arrive damaged, photographic evidence will be required.


Any documents or photographs given by us to the client, including quotes, invoices, drawings, diagrams etc, must not be passed on to other parties, unless directly involved with the event in hand.


Return of items and cleaning

All items and packaging must be checked on delivery, and when returning goods for collection or drop-off. If you are hiring similar items from another supplier etc, please take photos of our items, such as blankets, lanterns, baskets etc, to ensure the correct items are returned to us. We expect to receive the exact items we supplied, not a replacement, otherwise lost item charges will apply.


Please retain ALL packaging, especially Ikea bags, boxes and bubble wrap. Charges may apply if packaging is missing.


Please remove/shake out ALL debris (confetti, crumbs etc) from our items before returning. Please return hire items such as drink dispensers, blankets, crockery, jars, bins etc in a relatively clean state, otherwise a charge may be incurred.


Please do not attempt to wash table linen, napkins or hessian runners. If removing a spillage immediately after it happened, use a damp cloth only – no chemicals. Please prevent your guests from writing on table linen etc. Any items which are permanently stained after laundering may incur loss of deposit or a charge for replacement.


Damaged/broken/lost/dirty items

We will allow 5 days to return any lost items. Lost, broken, stained or irreparable items, including packaging, will be assessed on return and, if necessary, cost of cleaning or replacement will be deducted from your deposit. If additional charges apply, an invoice will be sent with the replacement/repair cost.


We cannot accept liability for any injuries sustained in the use of our equipment throughout the duration of your hire – including any injuries through mis-use/breakage etc are your responsibility.


Orders and invoices

Prior to the event date, please check all details on the invoice are as agreed. It is your responsibility to ensure we have the correct date, location and items you wish to hire. We reserve the right to substitute any items for an alternative design, if items are lost/damaged from a previous event. If the alternative design is significantly different, we will contact you and offer you the choice to go ahead, swap, or remove items from the order, without any additional charge. If, for any reason, we are not able to fulfil your order, a refund will be made for items not available.


Adverse weather conditions

If it rains, please ensure our items are kept under cover – some items are rare or unique and if damaged cannot be replaced. Some items (ie carts, garden games, blankets, baskets etc) can be damaged if left outside in dewy, frosty, rainy or windy conditions. If any items are returned damaged or dirty, charges may apply. If any items are cancelled due to adverse weather condition forecasts, charges may apply.


Foliage, greenery and natural products

'‘The Beautiful Day’ cannot guarantee the availability of your preferred foliage, greenery or flowers due to circumstances beyond our control. We will do our utmost to use your wish list, or products we’ve discussed, however due to the nature of the products, there are varying factors which may make them unavailable. We shall therefore substitute where necessary. Our log slices are authentic and cut from our field. They have been sanded and varnished, but they are not ‘treated’ to meet specific food standards. We do not recommend putting any edible items directly onto the log slices. We do not take any responsibility for tarnished food if our advice is not taken.

'The Beautiful Day' team are not qualified florists, but do have experience and basic understanding of foliage, greenery and flowers.

Bespoke Artwork

Whilst we take care to avoid all errors, ‘The Beautiful Day’ does not accept responsibility for typographical errors, spelling mistakes, or incorrect information on any project committed to production. It is the client’s responsibility to proofread and approve all final copy before production. Email verification from the client will be taken as approval of all artwork prior to its release for production.


Once you have approved the wording, you are agreeing that you have checked all spelling, grammar, punctuation etc, and you are 100% happy for production to proceed. No refunds will be given once final approval has been given and production has commenced. Any errors found once production has commenced may incur a charge for remaking, materials and production.

Reviews and Photos

Once you’ve enjoyed your big day, and gone off on your gorgeous honeymoon, we’d really appreciate if you could please leave us a review on our Facebook page .Please leave your photographer’s details so we can get in contact to add your photos to our portfolio.


Most importantly

Your special day is incredibly important to us. We want to work with you, to the best of our ability, to ensure your ‘Beautiful Day’ is an outstanding and unforgettable success.

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