About Eloise

I studied an Events Management degree at Chichester University. Fresh out of uni, I wasn’t entirely sure where to head, except I knew big City Events job wasn’t right for me then. So I successfully started a summer graduate job at Arundel Festival (having had family in Arundel all my life I knew it all very well) and there I met my husband, Ash.
I inherited The Beautiful Day, in its early days from Ash’s mum in 2014. Sandie was an avid antiques collector and hoarder and had a fantastically creatively artistic mind. 



Starting off with both arms full of friendship bracelets from my Camp America summer in 2010, I have been creating macramé for since 2017, and have made everything from wedding backdrops, chandeliers, lampshades, earrings, home décor, plant hangers and rainbows.

With a love for crafting, I always wanted to build a brand around my passion and our family life and other businesses. Also, importantly, using eco-friendly materials where possible. Since 2020 I have been selling on Etsy and at my local farmer's market. I have plans to keep developing my products and find new eco-friendly crafts.


From 2014-2021 I styled and hired to hundreds of beautiful weddings and events. From photoshoots, to open days, you'd often see me up a ladder, or out in the rain unloading the van!

After having our first son, Harrison, in 2019, I had a summer of 70 weddings, the first 2 weeks after he was born!

Following the pandemic and expecting our second baby, I decided to come away from wedding styling to focus on my family, our other businesses and most importantly building The Beautiful Day as a brand.

Our other businesses, which keep us busy...

Tents N Events - Specialising in traditional, wood and canvas pole tents for weddings

Visit Arundel - Arundel tourist and local website 

Festive Illuminations - Christmas Trees installed in Towns and Villages in Sussex