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About Eloise

I studied an Events Management degree at Chichester University. Fresh out of uni, I wasn’t entirely sure where to head, except I knew big City Events job wasn’t right for me then. So I successfully started a summer graduate job at Arundel Festival (having had family in Arundel all my life I knew it all very well) and there I met my husband, Ash.
I inherited The Beautiful Day, in its early days from Ash’s mum in 2014. Sandie was an avid antiques collector and hoarder and had a fantastically creatively artistic mind. 



Starting off with both arms full of friendship bracelets from my Camp America summer in 2010, I have been creating macramé for since 2017, and have made everything from wedding backdrops, chandeliers, lampshades, earrings, home décor, plant hangers and rainbows.

With a love for crafting, I always wanted to build a brand around my passion and our family life and other businesses. Also, importantly, using eco-friendly materials where possible. Since 2020 I have been selling on Etsy and at my local farmer's market. I have plans to keep developing my products and find new eco-friendly crafts.


From 2014-2021 I styled and hired to hundreds of beautiful weddings and events. From photoshoots, to open days, you'd often see me up a ladder, or out in the rain unloading the van!

After having our first son, Harrison, in 2019, I had a summer of 70 weddings, the first 2 weeks after he was born!

Following the pandemic and expecting our second baby, I decided to come away from wedding styling to focus on my family, our other businesses and most importantly building The Beautiful Day as a brand.

Our Boys

Keeping us busy are Harrison and Beauden a.k.a Haha and Beau.


Beau has a life long respiratory condition called Congenital Central Hypoventilation Syndrome and will be require mechanical ventilation when he's asleep or poorly for the whole of his life. He was in hospital for his first 9 months of life, and the boys finally met at 6 months old.

Keep Me Breathing, the new high impact charity we are proud to be a part of, are building 'The Breathing

Pacemaker'with Cambridge University to help the hundreds of children in the UK with CCHS breathe on their own at night without artificial life support. Please support us.

Follow my personal Instagram, to keep up to date with our journey @eloiseandherboys

Registered Charity Number: 1201757.

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