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Recycled Cotton

When it comes to crafting, there are more conscious decisions we can make when buying supplies. A lot of crafting supplies are made of plastic, non-biodegradable and unsustainable materials. 

Whilst looking for macramé supplies, I was lucky enough to discover some fantastic suppliers who stock recycled cotton. Recycled macrame cotton is typically waste clothes and cotton textiles from consumers and producers, turned into yarn of various styles.

It took some time to work through the various styles of cord, colours and thicknesses to find the suppliers and styles for each product I make.

IMG_5124 (1).jpeg

Eco Resin

Crafting is my passion, enjoyment and time to focus in the moment. During the pandemic, I was in awe of other eco-resin creators on Instagram. I always loved the effects of resin, but could not bring myself to use it, as it's not great for the environment. I then discovered eco-rein (Jesmonite brand). 

My first couple pieces were questionable, however I very quickly discover a fascination for the colour mixing, mould options and uniqueness of each piece created.

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